Products, solutions, services for continuous or batch process industries

Every process industry is different and their environments are growing increasingly complex. Some plants have over 100,000 I/O points. Consequently, thousands of products and systems must work together seamlessly. The demand for the highest levels of quality, precision and accuracy in output calls for solutions which are designed and built by experienced automation system integrator, American Smart Technologies.

American Smart Technologies is able to tailor process or batch automation solutions to the particular requirements of your processes. We provide industry specific systems and services. Our engineers maintain the highest levels of expertise on the automation, information management and processes used in your industry.

We use best technology in the best way for our customers, we have experience in :

ABB 800xA   ABB High Integrity Safety

Siemens PCS7 Fail Safe

Emerson DeltaV

Yokogawa Centum VP prosafe RS

Honeywell Experion PKS –With PMD – Plant cruise    Safety Manager and fail Safe Controlller                                               Khangiran

Schneider PES    ILYA

We have vast variety experience in process automation solution and offer :

PAS Process Automation System

DCS Distributed control system

SCS Supervisory control system

BMS Boiler management System

APCS advanced process control system

PCS process control system

ICS instrumentation and control system

We deployed below technology migration  project

Honeywell TDC3000 to C300 and Experion PKS

ABB Materpiece to 800xA

ABB Advant to 800xA

Siemens s5 to S7-400 redundant

Yokogawa   to centum 3000

Emerson Provox to Siemens PCS7

Emerson Provox to Delta V

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