Our control and automation experiences in multiple industries enabled us to involve in some gas turbine project in the plants there we installed central control system and then step by step we have increased our knowledge and resources in steam and gas turbine control system and now we found in-depth experience of retrofitting gas turbines from Rolls-Royce, Solar, GE, Ruston, Siemens.

We offer engineered retrofit solution that client can gain greater reliability and functionality for minimum investment.


Reasons for upgrading aged gas turbine control systems

As older gas turbines begin to operate beyond their original life expectancy, applying a new control system becomes a necessity. A gas turbine control system has a tendency to age faster than the equipment it is controlling which is likely to have a negative impact on the turbine itself. A complete or partial control system retrofit minimizes gas turbine failures.

As control systems and applications approach the end of their respective lifecycles, we provide you with the means to increase reliability and up-time. Whether you need a full (turn-key) retrofit or modular upgrades, Holland-Controls can engineer a solution that:

  • Realizes a higher reliability
  • Uses the latest technology making your gas turbine future proof
  • Generates more up-time until decommission
  • Reduces costs for maintenance
  • Improves diagnostic capabilities
  • Includes very detailed documentation and support
  • Uses an open, expandable system architecture that facilitates future modifications or extensions
  • Offers modular upgrades to build in more reliability and functionality


We perform retrofitting in Turnkey format and go beyond the control system and our retrofit solution encompass field instrumentation, junction boxes, field cable through following actions:


  • Site survey and specification
  • Engineering and drafting of hard and software
  • Specification and writing of software and HMI
  • Building of the new control system
  • In-house control system test followed by a customer witnessed Factory Acceptance Test
  • Removal of old- and installation of new control system and instrumentation
  • Loop checking, system checks and start-up
  • Final handover & documentation
  • Training of operators and technicians

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